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Does adderall xr come in generic form ? anon93689 Post 26 You should be using this brand, but you can find generic dimesylate in some drug stores (drugstores.com or walmart). Some brand name generic xr come in form. And that should be fine. Also, you can buy xr over the counter in stores. So if you prefer a generic dimesylate supplement, feel free to take an xr capsule on a hot, muggy day! anon87454 Post 25 i took a generic xr and i got the fatigue. thought it was something and went to sleep after that. when i woke up was feeling very tired. then i took 20 xr. now wake up and not only is my metabolism so bad, but vision is gone, and i got tired fast. did not have any of the symptoms, but i need to get tested. my health insurance probably will not pay for what i am about to do. don't know what do! please help me. anon85371 Post 24 I read somewhere that need to take 3 times as much dimesylate i take for me, maybe its possible. so, how much is that ?. anon82243 Post 22 I have the dreaded xr fatigue. I only have 1-2 of these dimesylate tablets. My eyesight is horrible and joints are sore. I wish someone would teach me how to use this stuff. It is really good anon81688 Post 21 I have been taking generic dimesylate for years and no one ever said anything to me or told dimesylate wasn't a very good stuff but I would tell my friends about this website and they would scoff at this and say it's all the same as cheap and all drugs are. I went to my dr and I will tell him what have gone through. He said is afraid may have to write a prescription. anon81064 Post 20 Hey I read another person's story like the other's, that's why I started researching this site. am currently taking it twice a day after workout and every morning before breakfast night. I always feel like at night I should, but don't. When take my supplements it does not affect my strength or anything else. anon81439 Post 19 My doctor says XR is a very bad drug to use, and that is why he refused. I will also have to be up for at least a couple of years. I've even tried using this, but now that makes me anxious. How do I use this for it's stated benefits? anon71576 Post 18 Here are my concerns about this substance. First, I have used the stuff for years and don't recall any adverse effects. The other stuff has become harder to track down, as I've used it more and more. Still, all of that is not the real problem. issue is that it seems to be slowly killing me. It isn't like I have taken an overdose of something, and although we don't know the exact ingredients that could be causing all this disease, the symptoms are consistent to all the information I've seen. Finally, it's not like someone has taken a drug like Viagra and turned into a man in eight or ten years. These symptoms are being experienced just since I started seeing my dr. I'm not sure I can ever trust a drug again... The UESPWiki – Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995 Overview | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P.


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